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An unfortunate period of ill health, has forced the temporary closure of our retail store, confined at home all day I decided to revamp our web site.

To reduce out of control cost I decided to shop around for a new host and site design.

Seduced by promises of " build a web site in 10 minutes " and " simple easy to use " I tried the free trial offers of a number of suppliers.

Yes you can produce a web site in a few minutes if all you need is a single page display with no features at all.

As the now famous meercat said SHIMPLE

Unfortunately I need a very large site with multiple features and a large number of database collections capable of sorting and displaying over 3000 line items, including the facility for my customers to safely pay for their chosen items.

I need the ability to automate operations such as emails and dispatch notifications.

All in all, an all singing all dancing web site of quite a large size.

After some selection time I chose Wix as my Host and their Prenium level site as my starting point.

After the first month putting in around 4 hours a day, the bare bones site is now constructed although I keep nipping back and altering the layout as I learn more about the Wix system and its capabilities.

I have now loaded my first 100 items for sale, it appears that including time taken and edit the pictures , write a meaning description and define size / colour variations, it is taking approximately 10 minutes to load an item for sale.

So "quick bit of maths " it going take a couple of months to load all my items for sale.

Who would be a one man band?

I have published the site as it is fully functional, so if you fancy a bargain or just want to monitor my efforts have a look.

John at

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