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Our Guide to Size and Fit of
Jackets and Trousers

manufacturers use a code system to indicate the size and fit of basic outerwear. Most use designations such as

XS for Extra Small and XL for Extra Large, these designations have now become accepted standards, but can vary between manufacturers. 

We have indicated here the relative chest sizes for jackets and coats and waist sizes for trousers. Where our experience of the product indicates a deviation from these sizes we have tried to make you aware of this in the individual listings.


XS       ( Extra Small )                 Jackets   32-34 inch chest      Trousers 26-28 inch waist

S          ( Small )                            Jackets   36-38 inch chest      Trousers 30-32 inch waist

M         ( Medium )                       Jackets   40-42 inch chest     Trousers  34-36 inch waist

L          ( Large )                            Jackets   44-46 inch chest     Trousers 38-40 inch waist

XL       ( Extra Large )                 Jackets   48-50 inch chest     Trousers 42-44 inch waist

XXL    ( Double Extra large )    Jackets   52-54  inch chest     Trousers 46-48 inch waist

XXXL ( Triple Extra Large )     Jackets   56-58 inch chest      Trousers 46-48 inch waist


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