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English to Continental Shoe Size Comparisons

Footwear like most other apparel is now manufactured worldwide in sizes that have been established in many Countries. To give you the customer the widest choice, distributors in the UK market products in both English and Continental sizes. It is important that you clearly understand the comparison of these sizes. With footwear in particular the size designation do not relate exactly to each other. In some instances this can be used to obtain a better fit but we stronly suggest you use this chart as a guide to the size you are purchasing.

As you can see only a few sizes such as UK 8 and UK 12 have exact relationships to contintal sizes 42 and 47. Use the chart to estimate other comparisons such as Continental size 40 equates to UK 6 1/2.

Other factors can also affect the fit of your shoes for instance Italian styled shoes such as the Monticatini range tend to be a narrow fit and therefore feel smaller, We have used our long experience to indicate the fit of the footwear we sell on each individual listing.

Choose carefully and if in doubt contact us for advise.


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